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Skypod pitched roof lanterns create not only a stylish living space that's flooded with natural light, they also provide thermal efficiency. 

Skypods are a versatile and innovative system of roof lantern for both pitched and flat roofs that combine contemporary looks with exceptional build quality, allowing as much light to filter through as possible.


Skypods sleek lines give a clean finish and inspire your clients with an exciting and new interior experience.  

SkyPods, SkyLights & Roof Lanterns

Skypod is a revolutionary ceiling window system that will brighten up the home and open up your space..

A Skypod skylight brings more natural light and height to a room – an ideal way to breathe new life into existing flat roofs.

Why choose a SOL Roofs Skypod?

Exceptional energy efficiency

U-value of 1.0, our double glazed skylight save money on energy bills.

A range of frame and glass options to complement any home.

Self-cleaning, temperature controlled glass is included as standard.

Quick and easy to install

As well as providing outstanding looks the skypod is cheaper than Aluminium lantern roofs and provides a perfect match for your existing PVC-U windows and doors.

A Skypod to suit you

Skypod is available in a wide range of sizes allowing you to create a lantern roof that compliments the individuality of your home.  Skypod is suitable for a variety of projects including flat-roofed extensions, orangeries, new builds, kitchen diners and garage conversions. 


Square up

Whether it's a small rooflight or a large gazebo-style lantern roof that you are looking for, we've got the solution for you.  Our new dedicated frame system means the rafter bars line up perfectly, whatever the size. 


A new angle

Skypod lantern roofs are great if you've got a flat roof big enough to take a full lantern. But what abut the homes with smaller extensions and outhouses crying out for a little natural light? Well that's when you need Skypod Acute. 

Skypod Acute is a new Skypod design, with 35° pitch instead of the usual 20°.  That means it can be made in much smaller sizes (right down to 0.5 x 0.5m) and fitted to a much smaller roof, while maximising the amount of natural light into your home. 



You've been framed

Sometimes white just isn't right.  We've got other frame colour options available for you



Glass Colours

Self-cleaning, temperature controlled glass is included as standard. Choose from a range of colours including clear, blue, neutral, bronze