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Getting your customer to invest in a solid roof conservatory

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

It’s no secret that people are becoming more concerned about protecting the planet and being more energy efficient. A solid tiled roof is one of the easiest ways of converting an old conservatory into a thermally efficient room for all seasons.

We all know the usual benefits such as noise reduction however, we wanted to show you a comparison of the thermal improvement Solid Tiled Roofs have against some of the Polycarbonate options that have been used in recent years.

The lower the U-value the more insulation a roof has. As the evidence below shows, by upgrading to a solid tiled roof your customer will discover an amazing increase in heat retention leading to their home being much more energy efficient (up to 13 times as much in some cases!)

This is teamed with the fact that it comes with an incredible 25-year guarantee on tiles (although life expectancy is actually over 40 years) and a swift installation time, with the promise of cheaper energy bills for your customer, means we can’t recommend our Solid Tiled Roof enough.

Act now and call us on 01226 890 890 to find out more.

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